Amount of the Google buckets's used space

Hi, It is not directly about Duplicati but maybe someone can help.
I set up Duplicati to backup to a Google Achive bucket.
The issue is that I cannot determine how much space is used in a specific Google bucket :thinking:
On my main backup on Backblaze, on the list of buckets, I can see how much space every bucket is using.
Is anybody able to help me with this?
Thank you

Are you using the GUI?

If so, on the main screen, for each backup, there’s a section with:

The backup name
Next scheduled run: Tomorrow at 2:00 AM
Source: XXX.XX GB
Backup: YY.YY GB / WWW Versions

The YY.YY GB should tell you how much storage Duplicati is using on the backup target


Thank you, but I was thinking about how to see it on the Google dashboard.

There are very few people who are likely to randomly notice this.

For general not-specifically-Duplicati questions, Internet search can be useful.
Typing your exact topic title into Google gave some great-looking suggestions.
Even Bing got some, but as is typical in my experience, didn’t do quite so well.