Amount left to upload question

After a reboot or restart of Duplicati on my Unraid I often see it starting to upload what the original amount of data is. So for instance I have about 1.5tb of data to upload but earlier today I was at around 1tb, a reboot of the PC and Duplicati and it now shows the 1.5tb value. Now I have seen this enough to know eventually it will update but my worry is it for a brief time is re-uploading stuff only to catch up later, thereby uploading the wrong stuff etc.

Is this more of the Duplicati not knowing what is on my Backblaze or vice versa? And will this be easily updated when the Duplicati starts reporting the correct “left to upload” data?

Are you talking about the big progress bar at the top of the screen that says “xxxx files (yyy GB) to go”?

If so, then most likely that’s just the number of files / GB left to be SCANNED for changes, not necessarily what is waiting to be backed up.

Ok, that is what I was assuming I just wanted to confirm. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

In case you’re curious, there’s been some discussion about how to rework the status bar - unfortunately there hasn’t been any development time available to actually try and implement any of the suggestions.