'Amazon.AWSConfigs' type initializer threw an exception

When requesting an action in Duplicati are generating this error message.

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Can you give info about your OS, Duplicati version, past Duplicati history (did such actions work before?), experience level with S3 (certainly more than mine – haven’t used it), and ideally get more detail from log?

Server log at About --> Show log --> Live --> Profiling might catch it at action start. Is that the failure spot?

v2.0.1.12 - Amazon S3 exception - Backup Fails #1691 is the only other report of this I found. It was 2016. There are some non-Duplicati cases around though (as this is Amazon code), but still not much to go on.

The type initializer for ‘Amazon.AWSConfigs’ threw an exception #1079

Thank you @ts678, i already solved the problem thank you very much.