Alternate-targets-paths and alternate destination-marker problem

Sorry, my english is poor
i have define targets paths and file marker
first run is works fine
second run, this two options is vanish in edition parameters
the backup is correct but the marker is no longer necessary.

Duplication version :

It would be best if you include examples and screenshots of the problem. Your description is a bit to vague to understand.

Welcome to the forum @F_PAVIOT

I’ll take a guess, but I can’t follow all of this either.

If edition means edit and you used Destination screen 2 Advanced options, you might see

[SOLVED] Losting advanced options when the backup job is changed

Are you saying you want it to go away, or it seemed to go away when that wasn’t what you wanted?
If you want to keep option, use Options screen 5 to set up, instead of using Destination screen 2.


If this is it, the known bug is linked on forum topic above, and likely requires a JavaScript developer.

thanks to you
I could not save settings with option 2
I was able to save my settings using option 5
Works in fine !