Allowed Days blank - still works

I’ve just installed Duplicati - on Ubuntu 20.04. I set up a bunch of jobs initially and now I’ve gone in to add schedules to each backup job. By accident, I didn’t select any days under “Allowed Days”; all checkboxes are empty, but the jobs still run.

In the grand scheme of things this isn’t a huge issue, but I’m just wondering if there ought to be different behavior here. If I had all days unchecked, I think I’d expect the job never to run (and maybe a warning that no days have been selected). Or maybe by default all days get selected when the “Automatically run backups” box is checked, and allow the user to de-select specific days.

I’m guessing if I select one day, then the backup will not run any other days, so it just feels “off” that with no days selected, the entire thing is ignored.

Here’s a quick edit. I selected “Mon” for one job, then de-selected it, and checkboxes appeared on all days. So it looks like this functionality is included but forces you to select and then de-select one day. Sounds like just a javascript tweak is needed to add some logic to make all days the default, or if it already is, the checkboxes aren’t being properly populated.

Strange, when I set up a new job, all the days are checked by default. Also the web UI seems to have some javascript that prevents you from unchecking all the days. When you uncheck the last one, all become checked again.

I’m guessing there is also code in the backup engine that basically does the same thing: if no days are checked, it behaves as if all days are checked.

I saw your edit…completely agree with “what good is a backup that never runs” - which is why I posted this under UX. I’m glad the backups are running, it just seems the default should be all days selected as soon as the scheduler is selected so it’s clear that a backup will take place if scheduled daily.

It looks like if I create and save a job after unchecking “Automatically run backups”, then the next time I edit it and check the “Automatically run backups” box, the day checkboxes don’t fill in like they do when a new job is created.

The reason I saw this for all my jobs was because I wasn’t ready to set a schedule for them when I first set things up, so I saved them all with no schedule.

I’ll leave this here in case anyone else sees the same thing in the future and wonders about it.

The easy solution is to go into the job, select “Mon” and then deselect, which makes all days selected, and then save.

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