After update with docker everything disappeared

Hi everyone.
After updating with docker to the last versione (;
docker compose pull duplicati
docker compose up -d duplicati

when I returned to the home page everything disappeared! I found a new installation.
Where did the previous settings go?

Thanks to anyone who helps me.

Hi @orebla85, welcome to the forum!

The backup settings are stored in the DATA folder which needs to be outside the Docker container as it has persistent data.

Could you check that the folder exists and contains at least the file Duplicati-server.sqlite?

If you have not set up the DATA folder, your settings database was lost when you updated the container. You then need to restore or setup your configuration again. has details on the Docker from the Duplicati team.

Thanks for the replies.
I used installation via docker compose; this is my code:

    container_name: duplicati
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Europe/Rome
      - CLI_ARGS= #optional
      - /home/MY/duplicati/config:/config
      - /home/MY:/source
      - 8200:8200
    restart: unless-stopped

I seem to have followed this guide correctly: Docker

I saved all backups on Google Drive.
How can I set the external /data folder so that the next update doesn’t happen to me again?
Thanks again

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I think my /data folder remained inside the container. And the .sqlite file was changed right on the update date.