After long search finally working and reliable solution


I just wanted to thank the devs for amazing work and amazing software.

I was looking couple of months for perfect backup solution (perfect for me,YMMV :slight_smile: ), tried almost all commonly recommended solutions like Duplicacy, UrBackup, BackupPC etc. (except Veeam and Fog Project to be fair), but nothing worked reliably. I almost settled with UrBackup, which was at first also amazing and I was looking for centralized solution, but after couple of backups it started to have weird issues, so I skipped also that one.

As I already mentioned at first I was mainly looking at centralized solutions since I need to backup couple of PCs, notebooks, some VMs and a NAS, so at first I was slightly discouraged by having to set it up one by one and to miss some centralized overview. But in the end it is not an issue at all. I know there is very nice Duplicati Monitoring, but I was preferring selfhosted solution. Then I found this dashboard. It could be simple, but it has everything I need.

But what is the best and why I am writing this, Duplicati simply works. It is fast, it is super easy to setup, it has nice GUI (and easy to use CLI) and for me it is the most reliable solution I tried. For me the most important features I wanted (besides centralized overview) were reliability, ability to recover from interruption (it is quite common user turn off PC in the middle of backup or there is server maintenance or whatever), easy to setup, easy to monitor (I love live logs and ability to connect remotely to GUI from any computer on the network) and strong encryption. I already mentioned reliability, but I found most other backup solutions worked ok until there was some issue. For example if the destination server was slow or under heavy load, they usually failed. And you do not want to be affected by stuff like this. Duplicati does not care, it simply works!

And even when I found Duplicati best, I still wanted to be sure so I setup several test PCs and was using it for almost year now without any issue. Multiple times I also tried to broke it, I intentionally corrupted my database, deleted parts of backups on the server, killed process in the middle of backup task (since you know, anything can happen in real world) and everytime Duplicati was able to overcome all of this.

So once again amazing job and thank you very much for the work you done and you are doing. :+1: