AFP drive as a backup destination


I have afp://xxx@WDMyCloudEX2.local/xxx/ WD drive and I want to use it as a Duplicati destination for my Ubuntu system. How do I define this destination in the Backup (path, protocol) section ?

Thx in advance

Apple Filing Protocol is not supported by Duplicati as a protocol. You will need to mount it as a directory and use the local folder path as the destination.

It looks like AFP support is not integrated in Ubuntu, so you will need to install some packages (I found this with some more info). Then you need to mount it permanently (or at least whenever you try to backup).

You can also look for posts about Samba as a destination, that should be a similar approach.

If your drive also supports FTP or SSH, that would be easier because those protocols are supported directly.


use SMB instead of AFP and mount your device on your computer using smbfs.