Advancing system clock broke backups

I advanced my system clock for testing something else and now I can’t backup anymore as duplicati tells me that the existing backup is newer and something is wrong with my system clock.

Also, I lost all old backups, as the retention policy kicked in and I can’t delete the most recent version of the backup if it’s the only version.

What can I do to get out of this?

Got exact text? I can’t find the code behind that though I don’t doubt that you saw something.
I’m not sure how much it matters, if your old backups are already gone. Remote dlists also?
I suppose if I found the code, there might be an option to defeat it, but I wouldn’t count on it…

allow-full-removal would let you avoid this safeguard, but are you sure that’s what you want?
It’s possible it will satisfy whatever is complaining though. Is that the backup from the future?.


That’s the error. And I think allow-full-removal will be my best option, since I just want to get normal backups started again.

If you delete the final version, I think you’ll also want to use the –no-auto-compact flag to avoid deleting data on the back end, otherwise it will have to be all uploaded again.