Advanced options not translated to Dutch

All advanced options in Duplicati are not translated to Dutch: both the short and the long descriptions. I thought this was a generic issue in the software, but in other languages the translation is applied. In Transifex, every entry has a Dutch translation, so it’s unclear for me why translating the Advanced Options to all languages is applied, except Dutch.

Also, some other parts stay English, because the source strings are not available in Transifex. This is what I found so far:

  • In “Add Backup” and “Edit backup”:
    Word “strength” not translated.
  • In the Edit Backup-wizard, step 5:
    “Keep this number of backups”, “Unlimited”, “Until they are older than”
    (this seems to be solved since today, a translation can be supplied in Transifex)
  • “Database” under “Advanced” in a backup job:
    Descriptive text untranslated
  • “Command” under “Advanced” in a backup job:
    Everything untranslated
  • “Display Log” under “Reporting” in a backup job:
    “Result” and : “Message” untranslated
  • About" Menu:
    “We would like to thank…”, “You are the reason…”, Due to their recent contributions…” untranslated





The “strength” is here: duplicati/addoredit.html at master · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

The “Keep this number” should be translated: duplicati/addoredit.html at master · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

Same for the “local database” text:

I apparently forgot the “translate” markers for the commandline UI entirely:

The advanced options need to change to use a “translate” call:

The “about” area could also get translated, but currently it just pulls this file:

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I can’t find an entry for the word Strength in Transifex and whatever language I choose in Duplicati, this word is untranslated.

Is it possible to divide this file into sections that are associated with the available languages? Otherwise the text could be hard coded in the source or multiple versions of the file could be stored in the License folder.

Could there be any relation here with issue #2184? In the Advanced Options list, all entries in section “Configure http requests” are listed twice: