Adding folders to backup

I have been using duplicati for some time now. It has been very happily getting on with the job it’s meant to do. So first a massive thanks to the team :+1::pray: However it’s been so long since I set it up that I can’t remember how to add a new folder to the existing backup. Is there a manual somewhere I have downloaded and lost!! sorry.

Secondly, I back up 35,000 photos and get 6 yellow error messages. How should I deal with them please.

Many thanks.

read here on how to edit an existing backup and follow the hint to read further on the same page.

if these messages are displayed in yellow, they are warning messages and mean (probably) that the backup is mostly going fine but that (usually) some files have not been backed up because of rights or file in use problems. If the messages themselves are not clear on how to deal with the problem(s), please post them.