Add Shortcut to Manual to About or Bottom

I noticed that there is no direct link to the manual in the user interface and I think adding it would improve the usability.

For me I returned to using Duplicati after a 1-2 year break. When starting duplicati today I had to first go to the github page, find README and follow the link to the manual there. Googling probably would have been quicker. I think adding a link to the manual somewhere at the bottom of the page or at least in the about section (which was the second place that I checked) would be a nice improvement, especially for inexperienced users.

Good idea, and fairly low hanging fruit. If you’re a member of Github, opening an issue there is probably the best course of action. This board gets a lot of attention, but it’s not built (well, used) to keep track of issues.

Thanks for your reply! I’m not that confident with using Github yet, but I should manage opening an issue.