Add "Hacktoberfest" label to open issues

I’d love to help out on some open GitHub issues, and I’m also interested in getting a 2017 Hacktoberfest t-shirt. Can the repo maintainers add the Hacktoberfest label to open GitHub issues? As an added benefit, this might attract other contributors to this community and generate some new features/bug fixes. More info here Hacktoberfest 2017 - DigitalOcean

Full disclosure- I’m not affiliated with Digital Ocean or Github. I’m just a C# guy, who uses Duplicati on my home server.


Awesome! Welcome to the forum and thanks for using Duplicati.

I think @kenkendk just put out a new release earlier today and he may be a bit busy making sure that’s all working as it should so I’m not sure when somebody with access will be able to check out possibilities for adding Duplicati to Hacktoberfest.

I can add the label, sure, but from reading the rules, it does not seem to be required?

There are a bunch of issues that are labeled “minor change”: Issues · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

All these are things that should be really self-contained.

There are also issues with the label “help wanted”: Issues · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

These are issues I have not planned working on myself, and they are usually non-core issues (and there are issues with both labels).

Is this sufficient, or do you need them to have the hacktoberfest label?

I’m not sure the label is required for participation, but I think it is to show up on the project list page.

Yes, I see now. I will mark some items hacktoberfest, thanks for alerting me of the concept :slight_smile: