Add a global search for all versions of backup

I suggest adding improvements to search for files or folders in all versions of backups.
Sometimes I need a file or archive, even a folder. Backup versions I have 500 options, where exactly is not known to look in each version is to spend the whole day.

What are the options? Will it be implemented
That’s a cool thing that’s really missing.

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The FIND command can do this. Using the Command line tools from within the Graphical User Interface with –all-versions=true can do wildcard and regular expression searches through all versions of backups although admittedly a nicer user interface could be made, but the same is true for most other commands.

This doesn’t search contents, but if you’re searching names it seems quicker than spending a whole day.

If the file still exists, Windows File Explorer has a search. If it doesn’t exist, and Duplicati is the only copy, that’s a riskier situation. Duplicati is for backups, not for an archiving plan where original files are deleted.

Yes that’s right, I would like to see a friendly graphical interface.Thus, use the general search in all versions