Add a brief description to the backup versions

I often use duplicati and I have a requirement to make a brief description of my copies. Will this be implemented in new versions?

Example: when creating a backup, to have an additional field for entering user text

Here’s another screenshot another example of how to add fields to describe


How do you envision this working?

I believe the most common usage of Duplicati is to utilize the built-in scheduler. So if a backup runs every 4 hours, for example, there is no interaction with the user to prompt for a description.

Or would it only prompt at the start of a manual backup?

Or do you just want the ability to apply labels on past backups that have already occurred?

My suggestion, the addition of a brief description may be useful when making copies in manual or automatic mode, but with a label.
Automatic backup (system partition label)
Manual backup (SQL database label)
Manual backup (SQL 2 database label)
Manual backup (SQL 3 database label)
Automatic backup (label Complete database) and other options.

And then I will be able to understand for myself what is in these versions, it allows you to quickly make a decision.

Yep, I understand that… I just don’t know how these would be labeled in practice. Automatic backups are automatic, it wouldn’t be able to prompt you to input information on that backup version.

I can see it maybe being an option for manual backups.

You could provide a Setting like Put the date and Time and/or the Number of Files (changed) in the description or getting it from a file maintained by an external application.