Access rights failed w/ docker on QNAP NAS

Hello all,

I have a docker container created with duplicati setup to backup locally on the NAS. Unfortunately at the end of the backup job I get access rights errors:

BTW: I cannot ssh into the NAS in order to check the filesystem…

One or more errors occurred. (Access to the path "/backups/" is denied. (Access to the path "/backups/" is denied.) (One or more errors occurred. (Access to the path "/backups/" is denied.)))

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Which Duplicati docker image are you using? The official duplicati one, or the linuxserver one? The linuxserver one doesn’t run Duplicati as root by default, so access issues are much more common.

In your docker config for this container, where are you mapping /backups ? Can you double check permissions on that folder from your normal NAS interface? If the error really does only happen at the end of the job, maybe it means it was able to write to /backups but not read from it. (Duplicati does a verification test at the end by reading three files and checking them.) Do you think you may have set the permissions to write-only on that folder?

Hi Rod!

Thanks for fast response!

I have linuxserver docker duplicati image. I added read permissions on the folders via webinterface: to no avail, the error persists!

Do you have a clue?

This is my yaml file:





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Hi Rod,

the GUI permissions did not change the access rights of the folder backups: I changed them manually. Now I got a different error

Unexpected number of remote volumes marked as deleted. Found 0 filesets, but 1 volumes
… I rerun the job: It works!!!

Thanks a lot!

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