Access duplicates from the LAN


I am a future French user of duplicati. Sorry for my average English.

I quickly tested duplicate on windows.

I install duplicati on ubuntu server. But the problem is that I would like to access duplicate from my pc on the local network.
I know that it is possible to make duplicati accessible from the outside by checking a box on the web interface. Except that on ubuntu server I don’t have a graphical interface. I have tried running lynx and elinks, but lack javascript support.

How can I do that?
Do you have a request?

Thanks in advance.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Assuming you are using Duplicati as a service (via systemctl), you can achieve this by editing the /etc/default/duplicati file:

# Additional options that are passed to the Daemon.
DAEMON_OPTS="--webservice-interface=any --webservice-port=8200"

Then restart Duplicati:

# systemctl restart duplicati
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Duplicati.Server.exe talks about the options. --webservice-password might also be good for security.

–webservice-allowed-hostnames: The hostnames that are accepted, separated with semicolons. If any of the hostnames are “*”, all hostnames are allowed and the hostname checking is disabled.

might be needed if you access Duplicati using a hostname. I think it’s not necessary for access by IP.

For something completely different, you could also use X Windows or ssh port forwarding for access.

Hello, thanks.

Thanks for your solution. Now, it’s ok.

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