Abillity to use mask (*,?) or\and expression in Source item

I think it’s very good feature. Without it we must use ugly realization with include and exclude files/folders and then have empry dirs in backup.

Support theme: How I can add to backup only *.au3 and *.exe files from a source?

Of course for very advanced users better to use regex, but not for so advanced.

It will do D2 more user friendly.

But with Regex I have to you Source and Filters but not only one.

How do you see supporting masks in the Source making Duplicati easier to use?

For example, “D:\Data*.au3” or “D:\Data*.au3|*.ps1”.

Combine this with the current implementation of filters and you can be sure that you never can be sure what’s actually is backed up and what’s not.

No. I don’t see the point to use filters in such cases.

If someone has to use them for other cases, I think it can cause a lot of confusion, which is a bigger backdraw than the advantage it will offer.
Also, I guess parsing sources with wildcards in combination with (optional) filters will be much more complicated to implement.