5000+ files deleted


I have seen that during a backup process, duplicati deleted 5165 source files (I don’t know if it refers to files on my machine or on the remote one). I have run a compare command as indicated here but it shows no changes found.

Is there any way to verify that I have not lost any local files? Moreover, how can I list which files were deleted?


Thanks in advance.

‘Deleted files’ means files that it once knew about that are no longer found on your disk. So, for example, in your image it shows that there were 5,994 files added (new-to-Duplicati), and 5,165 files deleted (ones it couldn’t find on disk anymore).

Also, if you moved 5,165 files from /foo to /bar then Duplicati will see that as 5,165 files deleted, and 5,165 files added. (As far as I understand it.) Given the similarity between your numbers, it sounds like you moved a bunch of files from one directory to another, and then maybe added a few hundred more.

Does that sound possible?


Well, it could be possible. I recently moved some folders and files from /volume1/{X} to volume2/{X} since volume2 is a new NVME storage.

Just to clarify, Duplicati doesn’t have the ability to delete local files, does it?

Thank you!

Did you run The COMPARE command in GUI Commandline for the right backup? “0 bytes” seems wrong. Those numbers should match what you read on home page after a backup. I think it’s “Source” for the job.

That’s quite a broad statement. If you just mean Source files, backup is read-only. Restore can overwrite. There are of course also temporary local files, databases, Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe, etc.

Yes, I did, or at least I think I did.

Since the backups I want to compare are those of 14 Apr 2024 07:25 and 13 Apr 2024 07:52, I put 2 and 3 respectively. Also, I added the --full-result flag, --verbose appears as deprecated.

And for your second statement, yes, I was only talking about the backup process.

Thank you.

Generally you should get the numbers from the Restore menu (if you’re guessing based on the log history).

Also, despite the cited post, the manual says the base version is the first number, so if you want old to new, higher number is on top because it’s older. Lower number is second row, and 0 is always the latest version.

That’s getting a bit ahead, as original post had intended dates but no differences so ordering doesn’t matter.

A Google search for “duplicati” “compare” “Size of backup * 0 bytes” found the following explanation for that:

so maybe see if removing excludes gets you a non-zero size (and hopefully also a comparison of the files).

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Revoming excluded directories made it work.

All the modified files are from the same user so I will ask them if they intentionally deleted them.

Thank you very much for your help.

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