500 - internal_error: internal incident

I have some problems with HDD (more about it at the end of the post!). But I am not sure if it is related to a problem or not. I see no other problems with HDD except slowing down of its working.

Not for every backup run but sometimes in the middle of the backup procedure (not sure at which step) I am getting the error:
Error while running My Archive

500 - internal_error: internal incident


There is nothing no new log if I press “Show” button (I ran backup now and receive the error but the last log is from December 31):

Do you think this is related to my hdd problem or it is Duplicati problem?

Problems with HDD:
CristalDisk report approximately 1-2 months ago:

CristalDisk report now:

No idea if the Duplicati error is related, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Either way - you should replace that drive ASAP. It is on death’s door!

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Do you think it can deform data that it has?

Yes your data is at risk. The issue is that the drive is having trouble reading some sectors. It also shows a “pending sector” warning which means it is having trouble remapping those sectors. Another bad sign.

I would not trust such a drive and I would try to image it ASAP to a new drive.

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Maybe that error is caused when duplicati tries to read that damage sector but cannot actually read it.

The number and format look like something a web server would say. See 5xx Server errors. Many cloud storage services are built on web server protocols (such as HTTPS), so possibly the error is from your destination, and not expected. Backblaze B2 puts out 503 errors as a normal course of business when a switch to a new vault is required on uploads, but Duplicati should handle those, or issues would abound. What’s your destination type?

Note if your drive’s SMART report still looks like the images posted, that would be a higher priority to work on… Possibly you should use a portable hard drive and image software such as Macrium Reflect Free Edition ASAP. Duplicati is better at backing up specific files than the entire drive (although it can be sort of forced if required).

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I use Google Chrome and have HTTPS Everywhere and some font changing extensions. Maybe they are the cause. I disabled them and will try to work without them for some time to see if that error will apear again or not.

If you are using an HTTPS-based cloud service you have two HTTPS hops. What you changed is between you and Duplicati, then Duplicati does its own (which I doubt your changes affected) to go to destination for backup. Your change might not help, might not hurt, and there’s also a chance your destination just works better later…

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