(429) Too Many Requests

Hi all,

I’m a CrashPlan orphan that is setting up a new backup strategy. So far, I like Duplicati a lot. However, I have a problem when backing my VMs hosted on OVH.

I’m running Duplicati - on a Centos 7.0 Server. I’m trying to backup to Open Stack Simple Storage, specifically on OVH Cloud storage. I’m able to run most of the backup without problem. However, I get the following error :

Failed to process file duplicati-20171121T213017Z.dlist.zip.aes => The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.,
Failed to process file duplicati-ib873744bdee448cba80263f610a01ad4.dindex.zip.aes => The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.,
Failed to process file duplicati-b42c8c4af0c4a4b699b88292a29ebf1c7.dblock.zip.aes => The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests.

Is there anyway to throttle how fast Duplicati will send requests to the storage server?

Thank you all for the help,

Not that I’m aware of but @kenkendk might have some thoughts.

No, there are no limiters there. You can limit the upload bandwidth, but not insert pauses between the uploads/downloads.

Is it possible to configure OpenStack to allow more requests?

It might be possible, but since it’s OVH’s stack, I don’t have control over it. I’m pretty sure that if OVH is throwing this error, Duplicati is being quite aggressive.

That said, I did try to throttle the bandwidth. It did not help the situation.

I’m in the exact same situation with the exact same problem… I was using Crashplan and picked OVH as my storage provider. And I’m getting the same “too many requests” error.

It work for the first backup, but a second backup will produce this error.

I contacted the OVH customer service and they told me it’s not something they can changed on their side, the software need to be changed to support server-side throttling.

I’m on Windows and the latest beta ( I think) didn’t solve this problem.


Not that I think it will make a difference in your issue, but the latest beta version is now :slight_smile: