I got the notification that there was an update to from my that I was running. I had it download the “deb” (this is on Linux) and I did the dpkg install which was successful.

However, after a few days I’m still running “.100”. Do I need something to activate it?

This one probably deserved a mention again in (since it’s the first update), but

There are some major changes introduced in that can cause surprises, such as:

so It’s now just normal .deb handling, not the special Duplicati autoupdate scheme before.

As @ts678 mentions, it is a normal package update. If you installed the new package, a restart of Duplicati may be required?

I suppose that wasn’t mentioned in the directions. I don’t know that any installers do this for you.

FWIW I intentionally installed the .deb while tray icon and server were both running, and initially both seemed OK even though they were running deleted files. Linux can do that, however I’m not sure what will happen if a not-currently-open file of new version gets used.

First partial answer is – although Verify files worked too, backup didn’t:


One thing that went better than on Windows (for me) is that installing over an existing install didn’t leave a highly damaged install folder, seemingly fixable by App Repair or .msi install another time.

Thanks, the restart did it. I should have realized that I needed to do that after doing the dpkg.