Disconnect Problem?

Hi all

i have updated duplicati from to
including all system updates (Ubuntu 18.04)

after the upgrade to my scheduled backup are not longer work in this machine.
First i try manually, starting shows all working fine. The > exept delete unnecessary files, after this message shows up, it disconnecting me from the webgui.
also a scheduled backup is not carried out. Log in begins the backup but same as manually > disconecting

It is not the system updates. Since I only made a system update on another machine, and here the backup works perfectly.

any ideas ?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Duplicati crashing at the end of a backup sounds like an issue reported by a couple other people. The cause turned out to be an out-of-date mono version. Duplicati 2.0.5.x requires mono 5.x to operate properly. Can you check your mono version:

$ mono --version

If you are not running 5.x or newer, please stop Duplicati:

$ sudo systemctl stop duplicati

And upgrade your mono by following the instructions here.

Once you have upgraded, start Duplicati:

$ sudo systemctl start duplicati

And try again.

Many thanks for the hint :pray:
yes mono was outdatet on this machine
(Mono JIT compiler version 4.6.2 (Debian
after upgrade with above procedure to Mono JIT compiler version it works fine.
The other machine had already

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