- A whole new level of database stability!


I have been running Duplicati for a few years now, and really like it! I have run both the canary and the beta releases, and every now and then there have been minor problems with the backups that had to be adjusted. As there is no built in automatic function, there has been a little bit of work to get it all stable again.

The last beta has really brought a new level of stability to the databases, I rarely see any problems now that all the old errors have been found during the verification phase! :grinning:

I hope that we can keep this up in the coming releases, please… :innocent:

There’s really only one thing that is not perfect: on my Debian installation, the mono-sgen process seems to get stuck using up a little too much CPU after a week or so, and needs to be restarted. Is this anything that is heard of before?

Thanks for all the good work!


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Duplicati tends to use all the available CPU power when it runs its jobs. When it’s idle I haven’t noticed the behaviour you are describing, however, on my Ubuntu machine.

Anyway, I use “cpulimit” to limit mono-sgen to a maximum of 50% of CPU-core power, with the following

pid=$(pgrep mono-sgen)
sudo cpulimit -b -l 50 -p $pid

Hope this helps!

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Good tip, haven’t seen that command before! This makes a lot of sense on a background backup tool.

The (not so big) problem is when no backups are running and activity should be close to zero and still a little load is drawn. A restart of Duplicati service lowers the load figures for a while.

The thread-priority option might be an alternative approach, reflecting the philosophy that you state there.

Another good tip! :slight_smile: