canary no support for Google Nearline anymore?

I have so far been using Duplicati for backups to Google nearline. But just with the latest update it stopped working with the error: Backend not supported: gcs

Any ideas? Was the support dropped? Then it would be nice to name it clearling in the changelog.
Any help appreciated.

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Not sure what happened, but it was not intentional to remove gcs, but I can see that it is missing on my machine as well. It should be in the Duplicati.Library.Backend.GoogleServices.dll library, but it is not loaded for some reason.

Ok, found and fixed the problem:

Wonderful!!. Do you think there will be a new update soon (1-2 weeks)? Otherwise I would need to roll back to the previous version. Any recommendations how to do this?
Thanks alot.

If you directly installed through an installer, then that is now your “base version” which is as far back as you can downgrade without “over-installing” from an older installer. You can check your base version by looking at the BaseVersionName line on the main “About” -> “System info” page.

If you updated to using the GUI updater, then you should be able to downgrade using the steps described here:

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Yes, I think I will send out a new update this week.