1TB C: Drive Full with 200GB Remote Volume Size

I read the other threads but did not find a definitive answer for my issue.

Running Windows 11 and the latest Duplicati, I have “remote volume size” set at 200GB. My C drive has around 700GB of space. My backup is coming from drive F: and weighs around 1.05TB and is destined for drive D which is 8TB.

For some reason my C drive has run out of space? How does that make any sense? According to the other threads I have read it should be transferring these “200GB volumes” at a time to the actual path which is a 8TB hard drive. So there shouldn’t be any reason for this issue with no space on C?

The files are 20GB none of this makes any sense…

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What tool made that image, and how was it set up? There’s also a lot chopped off around the edges.
Assuming this is sorted by descending size, are there some really small ones at the bottom of scroll?
Top says 577.8 GB, seemingly in 292 files, so average file size is pretty small. Top one is the biggest.

Increasing the Remote Volume Size talks about the implications, and overly large is inviting problems.

Also inviting problems is not raising blocksize which is good for about 100 GB, so should be scaled up.

Anything there yet? What file sizes?

When full, but did the C: drive fill up before then?

Assuming that means one at a time, not exactly. Definitely not exactly if you’re talking about the filling. Volumes are filled in parallel, and uploaded in parallel. You’ve got lots, but what are their timestamps? Maybe you have multiple runs all shown, or if that’s all one run, extreme advanced options could do it.


Some tools for some reason (ask Microsoft) don’t show current stats of the growing temp files properly.
PowerShell seems to be able to, for example

Get-Item “C:\ … \Temp\dup-*” | Sort-Object -Property LastWriteTime

Where is it all? This gets back to original question of what’s in the image, and further down in its scroll.