1 Direction Sync From GDrive to PC?

I have a fairly large data repository on GDrive which I’d like to share with multiple users. I do not want any user’s personal data to be synced to this repo, and i don’t want any of these users to modify any of the data. To protect the integrity of the repo best would be a 1 way sync from GDrive to a user’s PC/Mac.

Is this something that’s currently possible with Duplicati? If not, is it on the roadmap?

Thank you.

Duplicati is not a sync tool.

Hi @Taylor_B, welcome to the forum!

As Pectojin said, Duplicati is not a sync tool - it does file level backups (usually from a local box to a remote destination like Google Drive).

Syncing currently isn’t being planned, however you may find something like rsync does what you want already.

Good luck with your repo! :slight_smile:

If you split the problem up, you could GDrive-sync to a PC/Mac (secured against changes of data) then 1-way sync to the multiple users’ PC/Mac. There should be some sync software that can do that, but to toss direct GDrive access in limits your choices. If you like open source software, you might use rclone.

You might want to consider things like performance needs, and how guaranteed you want to make your repository protection. For example, protecting against altering “pull” scripts might be solved by “push” to users’ (by SFTP for example), by protected settings in sync software, or by protection on the repository.

If your GDrive is part of G Suite, you have additional configuration abilities that consumer products lack.

Choose a sync solution

Deploy Drive File Stream

Team Drives access levels

I don’t have any of this advanced Google stuff, so I can’t answer in detail. Just pointing in case it helps…

If you wind up using an intermediate repository, you could back that up with Duplicati. That’s what it’s for.

Good luck!