Windows service not starting - "Service did not respond in time" message

I use D2 via Windows Network service. But often after reboot D2 Service didn’t run and I see In Windows Journal: Service didn’t answer in time. Whats problem can be and there I can found D2 log to see problem?

Does nobody help me?

I think the lack of responses might be due to not understanding the issue.

When you say “Windows Journal” do you mean the discontinued note taking application or is this a translation issue and it should say “Windows Services”?

Is the “Service didn’t answer in time” the actual text of the error or is it also translated from something else that might mean “Service did not respond in time” or something like that?

I’m asking because I’m not familiar with the error message you included and I don’t find anything like it when doing a general internet search…

Sorry for my translate. I translate native messages to English. Now I find Windows on English. But of source without D2.
So. I mean I opened “Event Viewer” and “Windows Logs” - “System”. I saw Error 7009 and later 7000.

Later I found solution in Internet. I create key ServicesPipeTimeout in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control and did equal 120 000 (mean 120 sec waiting to start service).

Now I don’t know: it’s problem with my slowly PC or D2 service very slowly))

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No need to apologize - I know it can be difficult to work in multiple languages. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure either, though I have not head of this error from anybody else so I’m guessing it is something specific to your machine.

But I’m glad you found a solution - and that you shared it here in case other users run into the same thing! :+1:

It’s been solved. But just changing the service startup type to “Automatic (delayed start)”, instead of just “Automatic”, may solve it (worked for me on a few slow computers)…

Windows Service fails to start #2717 is the technical analysis of the problem caused by the update design doing extensive disk reads at boot time when disk is busy. Workaround for now is more time, or start later.