Windows 10 notification bar?

Hello !
I’m sorry if my question seems trivial, but I’m struggling with this for a while and I could not find the solution.

On the latest version of Duplicati (2.0.51 beta) under an up-to-date windows 10, whenever a backups ends with warnings (*) , these warnings are shown on the GUI web (correct), on the icon in orange, and on the notification bar of Windows.
This last stuff is bothering me and I would like to turn off these “system notification”, since I already have reports by mail and it’s worrying but (irrelevant) for the user .

Is there a switch or something to turn off this behaviour ? Thanks !

(*) I backup the entire user profile, so there are always files in it when the session is not closed that never backups, like NTUSER.DAT and such , even with VSS / snapshot-policy=auto

Welcome to the forum!

I do not believe there is a way to disable the changing of the notification icon, but you could potentially run Duplicati without the tray icon entirely. Instead of running Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe at startup, run Duplicati.Server.exe instead.

Alternatively you could get VSS working properly. Even though you have snapshot-policy set to Auto, it may not be using VSS. The Duplicati process has to run with elevated administrative rights in order to use the snapshot feature.

Thanks for your tip, that’s what I was looking for.
I think duplicati server runs elevated, otherwise it could not backup many other files. But i’ll check.

You can confirm by looking at Task Manager’s Details tab. You can add a column for “Elevated” and it will show a Yes/No for each process.