Wich cloud service provider ON CANADIAN SOIL ONLY works with Duplicati

Some of my customer are Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants or lawyers in Canada and needs to keep thier backup within Canadian borders,
I wonder if someone already used Duplicati with cloud service provider ON CANADIAN SOIL ONLY

Please let me know your choice
I found sync.com and cloud-a.ca but neither of them work with Duplicati

Any experience or help ?

Thanks for reading

I don’t use Amazon S3, but maybe this will help:

Introduction to Amazon S3
You can choose the geographical region where Amazon S3 will store the buckets you create. You might choose a region to optimize latency, minimize costs, or address regulatory requirements. Objects stored in a region never leave the region unless you explicitly transfer them to another region. For example, objects stored in the EU (Ireland) region never leave it.

Amazon as a company is not just on Canadian soil, but in terms of where your backup is, is the above enough?