Why would files be missing from remote storage?

See attached. I saw this before and tried the database repair. Doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Why they are missing is a really good question.

Duplicati records the names of all files it expects to find on the remote destination, and if they disappear, it will stop and require manual interaction.

Did you by any chance make two backups to the same folder? And then one backup said “unknown file” and you ran repair on that?

If not, first step is to look at the remote destination using “other tools”, i.e. the storage providers web interface or similar. If the files are found, then there is some kind of listing error that needs to be fixed.

If the files are missing, then you can look at the logs (if any) of the provider.
If nothing explains the missing files, you can look in the database at the table “RemoteOperation” which logs all interactions Duplicati has with the storage destination.

If you like, you can also create a bugreport (an obfuscated version of the database) and send it to me, and I will look at the “RemoteOperation” table and see if I can guess why the files are missing.

I don’t have two separate backups to the same folder. Each backup job goes to a different folder.

I’m leaving today for a three week tour with one of my bands so this will have to wait until I get back.

However, I appreciate the quick response. It’s clear that Duplicati is going to be THE solution…

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