Why not just use Backblaze Personal Backup?



these seem to be 5 separate 1TB accounts, I don’t like it. It means that when I’m backing up a 2TB drive, I’dd always have to worry whether compression will be sufficient to make everything fit etc. And when I want to keep versions and/or deleted files, it gets even more complicated…

Yes, that’s my main issue too. But I think it will work for me for the near term. As a workaround, I “partition” a large drive to several backups with different destination accounts to stay under the quota.


I know odrive and MultCloud which combine multiple cloud storages but they don’t turn them into a single drive. They just provide one place to access them all.


My use case pretty heavily favors Duplicati + B2 over Backblaze Personal (OR crashplan home/family).

I have 5 computers all backing up into my B2 bucket now. 3 of them have ~5gb or less (mainly my laptops where all i’m backing up is personal files / documents / cherrypicked application configuration data etc). My wife’s laptop has her whole picture and music collections (~60gb), and then my main PC with my modestly large music collection (~120 gb all in all), and my relatively small media collection (mainly personal DVD and blu-ray rips, ~600 GB or so), totalling less than 1 TB across all computers.

So far this only costs me a few dollars per month in B2 storage, whereas with Crashplan Family it was in excess of $12/month. My media collection will inevitably grow, but it’s not going to suddenly quadruple in size or anything.


Darn - I just can’t seem to find what I thought I read. It was sort of like SIA but for cloud providers. Maybe it was just one of those happy daydreams that occurs at work - you know, right after a large lunch… :slight_smile:


I would guess there are other products that do the same thing, but one I know of is StableBit CloudDrive and DrivePool; the FAQ says it does support multiple accounts for the same service. It sounds like you need both products to combine multiple “cloud drives”, and it adds an extra layer of encryption and caching, so it may be more overhead than is desirable for backups. I have a license (because I use DrivePool) but I haven’t actually tried CloudDrive yet - my current plan is to use OneDrive directly.


Oh, I agree - direct use of the destination storage is the best way to go. That being said, the idea of hacking together all a bunch of various drives sounds like a not-so-great way to have reliable backups but a really great way to waste some time and learn stuff. :smiley:


I agree.
Using an open-source solution has advantages: price, freedom, transparency, tinker-ready etc.
But so does a paid one: others fix issues, paid developers, support, etc.

Which you choose depends on your preference for each of these.


My tests of HubiC were also: it’s cheap, you get what you pay for.
I have not tried Jottacloud.


I am directly working on the concurrent branch as I believe it will fix a number of stability issues, so I do not have any new backends planned.

But it is fairly easy to add, and there is even a .Net library for it, so it should be a matter of writing a small interface:



There is one huge limitation of BB for me – NAS support. I store everything that matters on NAS devices for the added protection of RAID. BB will NOT support RAID and most other vendors are similar and force you to buy an expensive business plan. Crashplan supports NAS backup under the personal plan.

A NAS approach as an added benefit - 3rd party backup. (e.g. Mount the NAS drives on a dedicated backup device and backup away.) I love this option because my primary computer is asleep the vast majority of the time, and backups will still occur. In case you are wondering, I am using a lower power SBC as the 3rd party backup device so it is pretty efficient too.


Don’t forget to add the extra costs of a potential restore of a full backup for basic cloud storage providers. Depending on how often you need to restore, those costs can be quite expansive and should be added to the monthly storage costs. I would at least add the costs for a full restore per 24 months period.

PS: I also prefer solution’s that have a well maintained docker container ready, especially if provided by the backup solution itself. We recently switched from CrashPlan Pro to CrashPlan small Business and thx to the very good third party docker support, i had this running in a couple of minutes again on our NAS.


Good point. One of my deciding factors for pCloud was that the 2TB storage plan also includes 2TB download per month.


Hm, but that also means “only” 2TB, which means you may not be able to download your entire backup when you need it. Admittedly, it’s an edge case, but still something to consider. Or what does pCloud do if you try to download more?


2TB is also my storage limit there. I don’t know what they do if you hit the download limit, but I can’t really figure out how that will ever matter.

The backups I am replicating there total around 1.3TB


Backblaze charges $50 per year per computer for backup. I have 9 computers to back up, making is highly cost-ineffective for me.

B2, their cloud storage service, however, is very inexpensive compared to other services. That’s what I’m using for my back end to Duplicati.


Don’t you find B2 slow? I did.


Most of my jobs run overnight, so speed isn’t an issue for me. Initial loads did run a bit longer than I would have liked.


B2 is for server or business usage most likely while the $5 is more to personal usage. Am I right becuase from what I check the review at goodcloudstorage.net, it seems the case. So for me, I’ll go with the $5 plan of course since I’m backing up my hard disk and computer only. DO not have a server at my place.


What gives you that impression, exactly? I’m using B2 as a destination in Duplicati from my home PC, work laptop, and 3 other laptops in my family. Duplicati lets me select exactly which files to backup and when, and how many back versions to keep (and how to treat them). I haven’t had a monthly bill over $4 yet, and I have almost 1TB backed up in total.


Thanks. Seems like a better plan here. Will do more research and calculation on that. Appreciate your help here.