Why don't I have to re-enter my encryption password?


I want to encrypt some files and upload it to the cloud. For testing I’m making only backups locally.
I’m wondering why I don’t have to enter the password when I want to restore the files to another folder on my hdd?
I even uninstalled duplicati and reinstalled it, but I could simply restore the files without having to enter the password.
Could anyone with duplicati be able to restore the files without the password?
If not, where is the connection between my PC and the password saved?
How do I enable that I have to enter the password eveytime I want to restore the files or even look into the encrypted folders?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards

I THINK the backup job encryption passphrase is stored in the sqlite file associated with that particular backup job. If you try doing a restore from another computer, or even with “Direct restore from backup files…” you should be prompted for the passphrase (assuming one was entered).

If you don’t want other users on your machine to be able to do a restore, you should put a passphrase on the GUI itself via Password field in Settings “Access to user interface”.

(Note that I updated the title of this topic to clarify that it’s about the encryption password, not the GUI password.)