Which versions of Duplicati work under Catalina?

I am running as this fixes another issue, but that one doesn’t work under Catalina. So, now I need a newer one that works on Catalina and has the other issue (which I forget what it was)

I’m not a MacOS user, but the latest beta ( should work fine. Just make sure you do a fresh install and not use the integrated updater. A fresh install is required to properly set permissions in Catalina, from what I understand.

What about the existing settings, backups and al that?

Other Mac users have said they just downloaded the installer from the web site and installed - all backups and configurations remain in tact.

I only have experience with Windows and Linux platforms myself, and that’s also how it works. Reinstalling Duplicati fresh doesn’t affect existing backups or configurations. Hopefully you will not experience anything different!

i have catalina (10.15.4) with version and it works fine, sometimes it gives some warnings but in general its ok,

the only issue on catalina is that i dont know and cannot find any valid tutorial how to force duplicati on catalina to start on boot, as a service etc

Interestingly, the Duplicati of the person running Catalina suddenly started working again. No explanation why, but it does work.

VirtualBox was installed so a reboot happened, but we did try rebooting before.