Where does duplicati store commandline results?

I can successfully run a commandline compare from the web interface. The result is huge. Too big for my browser to display. It starts scrolling like crazy.

Where is the result actually stored? I’d like to get the source and then work with it in grep, etc. I can’t find it in the Duplicati-server.sqlite file. Is it somewhere on disk?

I dug into the code a bit, and it seems like this is handled here. I’m not sure where the file actually ends up though.

I’m writing a simple node script to grab the results 500 lines at a time.

My script works, sort of. It’s pretty ugly. If anyone has a clean method to get the full log of a commandline job started via the web interface, that’d be awesome.

Depending on the version of Duplicati you are running, probably the best way would be to use some combination of --log-file and the other Advanced options below:

Logs information to the file specified
Default value: “”

--Verbose ( and lower)
Use this option to increase the amount of output generated when running an option. Generally this option will produce a line for each file processed.
Default value: “false”

Use this option to increase the amount of output generated as the result of the operation, including all filenames.
Default value: “false”

--log-level ( and lower)
Specifies the amount of log information to write into the file specified by --log-file
Default value: “Warning”

--log-file-log-level (
Log file information level
Default value: “Warning”

--log-file-log-filter (
This option accepts filters that removes or includes messages regardless of their log level. Multiple filters are supported by separating with :. Filters are matched against the log tag and assumed to be including, unless they start with ‘-’. Regular expressions are supported within hard braces. Example: “+Path*:+Mail:-[.*DNS]”
Default value: “”

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