Where are the backup jobs stored?

After a recent issue with the backups, I found an unexpected (for me it was) problem.
The default name of a new backup is called “Backup”.
I’m having 3 windows servers using Duplicati to backup to the same backup server.
All using the same email acount.

After restoring my broken backup server, all backups came up with emails about the backups not working.
And all with the same subject, en email sender.
So I removed all jobs and made new backup jobs, with a new name and everything was working again.
Now each server sends the result email with the Backup server 1 (etc.) name in the subject.
But I still receive one email about the “Failed: Validation of server fingerprint failed”.
The message is clear and correct, and I do think I could determine which of the servers it was.
But than the issue appears that on each of the three servers there’s only 1 backup job, with a new name.
And this email was sended with “Backup” as job name.

So the question is, how to find where this backup job is stored, in order to remove it.

Hi @Giancarlo

Finding and deleting internal files is generally dangerous because many files refer to each other, for example the server database file knows job names and job database file paths. You can see exactly where a given job database is stored by using the UI “Commandline” operation under that job to look at “dbpath”, however your mystery job may live somewhere else, for example if you set up as a different user, installed as a Service, etc.

If you are getting a scheduled flow of the mystery message, it might be worth running Task Manager to see if there are other Duplicati.Server.exe or Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe (which can be a server) processes around.

If you find multiples, possibly the other one will be at http://localhost:8300 (because 8200 was already taken).

Email message source should also shed clues on which system sent the email. On a sample email from mine:

The third “Received: from” header from the top shows my public IP and internal (behind NAT) IP.

Message-Id header shows my computer name, and I suspect it didn’t get it from Subject header.

X-Originating-IP header shows my public IP.


Thank you for your reply.
I do think I know what server the email was received from, but I cannot find any reference to the job which is sending the email.
In the Task manager only 2 instances where shown, for the same user, but I think that’s normal.
The reference to port 8300 was a good one, I did found an instance there, but no job present.
Than went through all user accounts, and their appdata folders, there where some with a duplicati folder in them.
And than probably found the one user which probably (accedentally) has set a backup, but without the right credentials.
I removed all of them, so now I need to wait and see if I do fixed it.