What would be the proper backup settings?

Hey There,

I’m a linux nut and use rsync quite a bit. I like to have an external hard disk and simply use ‘rsync -a’ to create clones of the data keeping faithful to the original.

Is that type of scenario possible with Duplicati? It seems as though there is a lot of information on versioning. I want to configure it in a way to be faithful to the original and simply pay attention to the differences for backups.

No, Duplicati doesn’t work like that. It breaks file data into chunks and deduplicates and compresses backup data. Because of the robust deduplication, you can efficiently store many versions of backup data.

The files that are created on the back end don’t look anything like your front end data.

rsync is unbeatable if you want an exact mirror of your data but you won’t be able to efficiently store multiple versions.

Hey @TheBigAmbulance, welcome to the forum! (Sorry I didn’t catch you on the other post.)

You might want to look at Syncthing - it supports versioning (though not deduplication) so might do what you want, but it does require an installation at both ends.