What happens if the source is not available?

What happens if the source (a mapped network drive in Windows) is not available, when a backup job is started.

Do Duplicati ignore the backup and preserve the previous (incremental) backups?

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Duplicati doesn’t have an SMB client on its own. It uses whatever Windows is providing that looks like files.

What happens in Windows (File Explorer, Command Prompt, etc.) for that scenario? Duplicati may follow, meaning disappearing files causes nothing to be found, a hang on that may cause that, an error may error.

If the source just disappears (as opposed to hanging), it will probably look there, not find it, and fail with no damage to previous backups. You could also consider using run-script-before to test and maybe stop run.

I did a test and the backup job fails with an error and stops, as expected.

The pre-script looks perfect to avoid error messages, when the server is offline.

I really appreciate your engagement to help everyone - not just me. The hardworking developers at Duplicati are blessed with your contribution.


Thank you. I wish that more people would volunteer to help the project in whatever way they can do so. Duplicati’s progress and success is completely dependent on volunteers of all sorts. More are needed.
One doesn’t need to be good at everything (nobody is) to do something, and perhaps continue to grow.

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