Weird DST issue

Has anyone else encountered this?
We just went on DST. (grrrrrrrrrr)
All my Linux servers seem to have made the change well.
Except: the time stamps on one server’s USB-mounted 8TB NTFS drive have stayed an hour behind. That volume is the destination for several duplicati backups.

Naturally this is effing up rclone jobs that use it as a source - I am getting hundreds of “Updating modification time.”

Does this ring a bell?

Its possible Duplicati is at fault if it used a value saved alarm of eg 24 hours instead of using date. If it doesn’t or does, haven’t looked.

I don’t know anything about rclone or anything else you have with your setup so there’s possibly more possibilities.

But, I use hourly backups and they sit and nothing cares about them. Since its hourly, all hours are roughly the same as well. So no bell for me :slight_smile:

I suspect it could be due to something else but there is a chance its Duplicati.

Is Duplicati writing directly (meaning Destination screen dropdown is Local folder or drive)?
If so, what timestamp do you get if you write directly some other way, e.g. just make some test file?


I can’t find any reports of rclone saying that, so I don’t know what it means. Is that the exact wording?

Duplicati is writing to this drive directly - the affected backup is running on the same Ubuntu 20.04 machine.

Then please do the other requested test – write something yourself in the same way Duplicati would.
Also still wondering what rclone actually said and why. You could look more directly using ls or stat.

I would have to be able to write before the time change and check it after so this opportunity only presents itself twice a year.

Some responses I saw about this on Stack Exchange suggest this is possibly a quirk of FAT-based file systems on Linux. My plan before the next time change (gotta love a long deadline, huh?) is to rebuild this one as xfs.

I misunderstood that you had an ongoing problem with things like rclone. This was a one-time nuisance?

You said it was NTFS. If this is FAT and the others NTFS, that makes FAT even more of a suspect. NTFS keeps times in UTC and converts for use, based on local time rules. FAT keeps time stamp as local time.

File Times and Daylight Saving Time from Microsoft makes me think FAT can also get weird on Windows.
It’s been awhile since my hard drive was on FAT. I forget what it did. Anyway, good luck next DST change.

Sorry - NTFS was my error. The drive that went all weird on me is exfat. For now. As soon as I can get its data moved it will be reformatted as xfs. I do not wish to tangle with DST issues again.