WebDAV exported configuration not parsed correctly


I’m new to this backup tool and new to this forum.

I was playing around with Duplicati ( and created a backup successfully via WebDAV on the “1&1 online Speicher” that my VDSL Provider gives me.

I could manage to backup and restore… All went smooth.

Then I was thinking about how to save the configuration of this backup to reconfigure it e.g. on another computer, if mine crashes…

I found the “Configuration” > “Export” menu and got a .json file with all the configuration in it. (Aside of the “Passphrase” … another story).

Then I removed the configuration to see, if I can reproduce it from the .json file I got.

I started the wizard to add a new backup and there I chose the .json file I had.
I also asked to import the meta info.

The configuration was not paresed correctly. The mask to enter the WebDAV was mixed up:

I think the essential info in the .json file is:

"TargetURL": "webdavs://sd2dav.1und1.de/Duplicati_Test1?auth-username=xxxxxxxxxxx@online.de"
(xxxxxxxxxxxis a replacement for my account there)

When I get to the server configuration I get:

Server and Port: online.de / empty
Path on Server: empty
Username: sd2dav.1und1.de/Duplicati_Test1?auth-username=xxxxxxxxxxx

So you can see, the parser seems to be confused somehow.

May someone can fix this?

Hi @Moellney, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you ran into this issue with testing - are you looking for direct help getting your backups working again or is this a general problem report?


thank you for offering help.
At the moment I’m in evaluation phase.

So this was a test, how to come by situations, where the original computer is not usable anymore.

I use VEEAM endpoint backup at the moment (for disaster recovery scenarios).
But I have a dual boot system (Win10 / Ubunutu 18.04) and wanted to backup the essential files (Photos, Source Files, Documents, …) to a safe place out of my house.

WebDAV would be one option. Another one I will be looking at will be BackBlaze…

So this was just a feedback to the developers… a kind of bug description.


Thanks for the report! I’ll see if we can get this verified and a GitHub ticket entered. :slight_smile:


Btw. Can I follow the ticket, is it public?
If so, do you have a link or should I enter the ticket?

I have not verified the issue (so I can write a sensible ticket) so haven’t actually put it in yet.

All tickets are public over at Issues · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub - and you’re welcome to create it yourself! When I do get around to verifying I’ll just add my “happens to me as well” comment. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the hint.
I created a bug entry: #3619.

I hope I gave enough information.

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