Web interface empty task list when not on local machine

I have duplicati running fine version The computer is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and its IP is

From local machine everything is ok. There is one backup task.
From lan machine, the task list is empty, and ‘About’ displays “duplicati Unknown” instead of “duplicati…”, so obviously there is something wrong.

I use identical URL in both cases: for either local or remote computer.
I have to unlock with password in both case.

What can be wrong ? :slight_smile:
Thank you !

First thing I’d try is a hard refresh on the browser showing unknown / no jobs. Hold Ctrl and press F5/Refresh button.

Hard refresh is not working :frowning: Any other idea ? :slight_smile:

Which browser are you using on the remote machine? Can you try an alternate just as a test?

Firefox in both cases. I just went to try with Edge, same issue.

Very odd… I’m not sure what might cause that. Hopefully someone else has an idea!

I think the variable parts of the web page use a server download. That version is not hardcoded in HTML.
Why the download isn’t happening is a good question. Do you have anything interfering with JavaScript?

What else isn’t working, e.g. can you get anywhere with adding a backup (don’t need to actually save it)?

I’ve seen two Duplicati get same port before. Maybe run sudo netstat -ap | grep ':8200.*LISTEN'


You can compare HTTP network activity between working and the missing-version version using the web developer tools in Firefox. It’s probably F12 to open, go to Network, try loading the home page, look for the systeminfo file which looks like one of the first after the more fixed files like the many .js and some .png.
There’s a line to type systeminfo to filter for that. You can look at Response tab on right if it responded…