Web GUI no longer shows duration it took for last successful backup

Upgraded today from to Now the Web GUI under the Home section shows:
Last successful backup: Today at 2:30 PM (took ) Run now

So there is no time listed after the word took. It should show the last backup duration.

It’s been a while since I upgraded from - was the “took” timestamp shown in that older version? If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if it won’t show in until you complete at least one backup using the newer version.

I could be way off base though - just speculating here…

shows where the tracking for this now involves two possible representations, looking like it intends to use the earlier form, but if that’s not there, then the newer. These values would be in the Duplicat-server.sqlite database if you want to install DB Browser for SQLite and go see which if any are there for that backup…

Providing a DB bug report could also be done (for someone else to look), but is probably harder than DIY.

“Last successful run” duration (but not date) includes RESTORE task info #3274 says how LastDuration could get wiped out. but it looks like it might also clobber the “Today at 2:30 PM”. Is that right or a leftover?

Ok I was way off… did show the amount of time it took. I just tested it in a VM. I then upgraded to and ran a couple more backups and it still showed the amount of time it took just fine.


Another possibility is the need for browser hard refresh that might be causing other issues e.g. here.
The previous JavaScript could only display LastDuration, and new design uses LastBackupDuration.
The theory seems weak because old JavaScript looks like it said “Last successful run” (not backup).

Hearing back with some history might help, e.g. is this just after upgrade or have backups been run?
I’m also still interested in seeing which variables are in the Duplicati-server.sqlite Metadata table, e.g:

BackupID        Name                    Value
20              LastBackupDuration      00:00:25.4285180

OK, the problem fixed itself after 3 backups and a restart of the computer.