Warning while running Backup *** - suggestion to write more informative message such as after sctipt is absent

I did mistake before and delete my after backup script. But I didn’t understand what is error - why I see this warning. Also non informative error I saw than I did mistake in ps script that run throw cmd.

Can you provide the actual warning/error text?

Unfortunetely, I don’t see any warning/error text. Only “Warning while running Backup - Got (1) warning(s)”… After I pressed “Show” I saw only logs list.

It looks like the clickable “hand” CSS for the log list icon got lost so it’s only showing an i-bar, but you can click on those lines for details.



Unfortenutely, there is no warning or error and ParsedResult is Success. That’s problem (bug!).

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New version sees the reason with after/before script error.

So the new version shows you the more informative message you wanted to see?

Yes. More informative, also with error in PS Script. But sometimes I see error and only guess why it can be.


I’ve flagged your “new version” post as the solution to this particular topic, please let me know if you disagree.