Warning: "SSH Fingerprint is not supported"

On a new backup set, after the backup Duplicati as almost in every case spits out red warnings, here it is “SSH fingerprint is not supported”. It would be nice if I could tell it “do not tell me again, sir”. But Duplicati loves warnings.

How can I turn this off? I did not find a flag.

Does Stuck options “–ssh-fingerprint” help any? If not, what’s the storage type now, and was it once SFTP?

You could also view that job in Commandline mode, and have your web browser search for fingerprint uses. Searching that way is just a simplification to avoid you going through “Target URL” and “Advanced options”.

You can also just change nothing and run a “backup” from Commandline. Output might even help discover whatever’s going on, because you can view the backup action directly, instead of it being collected for later.

Your final comment sounds like trying to find a flag to turn this off. I’m trying to find the flag that turned it on.

Thanks. In the advanced options of the target, I deleted the fingerprint and now there’s no warning any more. It was a newly created backup, in the process of creating it said something about the fingerprint… ie this way it got added.

Different behavior here, but it might depend on what’s done. I converted an SFTP job to use a local folder:

2018-08-30 08:57:30 -04 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller-UnsupportedOption]: The supplied option --ssh-fingerprint is not supported and will be ignored

The Username, Password, and --ssh-fingerprint are not visible. Web UI view looks like they were removed,
Configuration --> Export --> As Command-line
Advanced --> Commandline --> Target URL

shows that all three are still actually hanging around, but appended on the right of the new file storage URL
There’s presumably no warning about the other two leftovers because they’re documented as valid options.

When time comes to polish the Duplicati UI, I’d suggest that changes of Storage Type could use some work.
It’s not always clear what to do, e.g. should Username and Password be kept? At the least, let’s show them.
The opposite case is when some setting is no longer accepted. An --ssh-fingerprint falls in that category…

At the moment, my Folder Path is showing a slight hint of trouble, with “?auth-u” appended at the right end.
Fortunately, if I chop that off and save, that and the rest of the extras disappear, and so does that warning.

My two cents for the future. It would have made this a bit less of a chase, but I’m happy you got it resolved.