Very slow restore

Good morning everyone!

I have a backup with about 90gb, the backup is done normally without any problems. However, when trying to restore I am unsuccessful, the progress bar does not update, the only event is a file generated in the temporary folder that grows over time…

Is there any way to restore only the specific file within my backup, without me downloading the entire full backup?

Apparently what is happening is this, it downloads the complete database to the temp folder to only later rescue my data that I selected…

Thanks for the help, thanks!

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Did you change the default value “remote volume size” (which is normally 50MB)? If you made this quite large it could explain the behavior you are seeing. You probably don’t want to change this value much, if at all. A restore of even a tiny file requires the download of at least one full volume (dblock) file, so if you have it set really large it can be quite slow.

Please see Choosing Sizes in Duplicati - Duplicati 2 User's Manual

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Hello, everything ok? That was exactly it!!!

I changed the size of the remote volume because I thought that the size of my cloud storage was configured there! I got back to 50mb… Thanks a lot for the help!

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