Very long backup overlap

Hello. I need to backup a large volume on a remote server. It will take weeks. In the meantime I want to daily run my local backup. How Duplicati manages this? If the remote backup is running, does Duplicati need to wait until it is finished before perform the local backup again, or can it interrupt the remote backup, do the local, and then restart the remote where it stopped?
Thank you for the help.

Hi @Francesco_Canovi. Duplicati will run only one job at a time. If possible you can seed the data to a local drive and copy it directly to the remote location? For example I use Duplicati to backup remotely to my friends SSH server. I took a full backup to a portable disk and then copied the data to my friends SSH directly. To get it all working I just changed the backup destination of the job to my friends SFTP server.

UHm… maybe. The destination is going to be a G Drive folder. Should I create a local backup with encryption, then upload on drive, and then create a new backup choosing it as a destination? Will I have problems with the encryption key?

Create the job and settings exactly as you would for the remote backup and just run the backup to a local storage device. When done just copy the files across to the remote server and change your job to the new server. Encryption passwords will not be affected.

Great. Thank you for your support!