Version history for a file instance

I’m trying to create a replacement for Windows File History. What I’m looking for is the ability to have a version history for any file (as long as a backup exists). When I go to restore a particular file, I can’t get a list of all the times it changed, so I have to go through all the backups listed and try to find when that particular file changed. Is there a way to see the version history for a single file?

I am running the backup hourly with a retention of 2 months.

Right now the restore GUI only shows you one backup version at a time. There is a desire to provide an alternate view where you can see all backup versions of a particular file and choose which to restore (discussed here).

In the meantime you can use the FIND command to search across multiple backup versions but it’s a bit clunky: Search across ALL Backups - #3 by kees-z

Thank you so much. I’m happy to see that this feature is in the list for future versions.