Verify Files does nothing?

Hi Overthere, just tried to “Verify Files” but it only runs 10s or so and after that tells me no files have been verified.Is this the standard behavior or is sth fishy?

ScreenShot 199 DADDELDU - Duplicati - Mozilla Firefox

If I translate correctly, this informs that 3 files have been verified:

Überprüfungen 3

EDIT: Complete log (Vollständiges Protokoll) has names.

Verifying backend files explains how you usually get one sample.

The TEST command as used in Commandline explains sample:

A sample consists of 1 dlist, 1 dindex, 1 dblock.

and how you can increase it all the way up to download your whole backup if you like. That can be slow.

If you want a larger verification after backups, change backup-test-samples, or backup-test-percentage.

  --backup-test-percentage (Integer): The percentage of samples to test after
    a backup
    After a backup is completed, some (dblock, dindex, dlist) files from the
    remote backend are selected for verification. Use this option to specify
    the percentage (between 0 and 100) of files to test. If the
    backup-test-samples option is also provided, the number of samples tested
    is the maximum implied by the two options. If the no-backend-verification
    option is provided, no remote files are verified.
    * default value: 0

10 seconds is pretty fast for an Internet backup sample, but if it’s local you can sample more heavily.
upload-verification-file may be good if you have local Python or PowerShell access on remote server.
All of these methods focus on backup file integrity (damage detection, etc.) and are not restore tests.

Ah, ok, I thought it should’ve been the ones on the right under “Quelle”(=Sources)

So do I understand correctly, Duplicati isn’t testing 3 Sourcefiles via a testrestore but only 3 of it’s own - one block, one index, one list - as default?

Correct, although your source files go in Duplicati files – primarily dblock, while the others supply records.