Using duplicati-server.sqlite in own application

Hi, as far as I understand the db(duplicati-server.sqlite) is RC4 encrypted.
I have build a duplicati-server.sqlite using the DUPLICATI_DB_KEY environment variable
to have a sqlite with a known key.
Would like to access it from MSAccess - so I installed Devarts ODBCDriver for SQlite.
During creation of then ODBC data connection I entered the ‘own’ DB password and selected RC4
encryption - but it constantly refused to connect the sqlite file by refusing the password
but I can open the encrypted DB (with own pw) in other sqlite applications (sqlite2009 Pro enterprise mgr).

Would at least like to build some simple reporting or even more … :-).

Any ideas on this or can you recommend me an ODBC driver for sqlite supporting this?

I have also had trouble opening encrypted Duplicati-server.sqlite files in other tools. In my case I attempted to use DB Browser (SQLCipher) but it was not able to read it.

Just curious - would you be ok if the database was unencrypted on your machine? You can run Duplicati on Windows with an unencrypted database. If you are confident with the security of the actual file on your PC, and it’s more important that you be able to analyze the database with third party tools, maybe you’d prefer to go this route.

If you want to go that route, then according to this post you can have Duplicati decrypt your database for you.

Thanks, I know this possibility and it’s not really a big additional threat - because its trivial to find the standard password in the source or simply use duplicati itself to decrypt.
I am just a little bit ‘nervous’ if things like an encryption have some sort of go/nogo behavior.
Will do some more checks and come back another time.

I’ve described a method for decrypting the database here: Which tool can open encrypted DB - #17 by surlyhacker