Usage report is off but Duplicati sends reports anyway

Anonymous usage reports is set to None
Yet Duplicati.CommandLine.exe connects to on every backup. Is there a way to stop this?

Setting environment variable USAGEREPORTER_Duplicati_LEVEL=none should stop the usage reporter.

Settings in the web UI (if that’s what you did) aren’t used by Duplicati.CommandLine.exe which is totally separate, and often needs to be told everything, e.g. if you start on GUI, a job export can form the base. is both and and maybe other names. How are you distinguishing between these? One way is to use Wireshark on packets, but one can infer what’s being used by looking at the DNS client cache, e.g. you can ipconfig /flushdns then later do ipconfig /displaydns | findstr duplicati to see which name some program is trying to lookup.

AUTOUPDATER SKIP UPDATE is not supported discusses that issue and I’m not sure where it landed. Maybe you can test to see how difficult it is for you. I thought I had to do a rather ugly workaround for it.

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seemed to change things, thank you.